Oh, Shiny Pony!



Full interview here.

Update! The conspiracy theories have already begun.


A Man With A Plan!

As a dog returns to his vomit, so the fool returns to his foolishness.

I haven't watched the entire interview, the 17 seconds above was enough for me...

The king of Saudi Arabia died, the british have lowered their flags to half mast. Would PM JT do as this to honor the fallen king, or refuse to as it was the british "leading" in this honor?

tough call I guess, for a Liberal.

The Liberal Party Manifesto - in an empty nutshell!

Defend that Ralph GoodAle. In over his hair for sure.

In a small way I pity JT.

A person who really wanted a job surely has thought quite a bit about what his first day would look like.

JT is seeking the job not because he wants it but because he wants what it brings to him - and his "friends" and family have talked him into Persuing the job for their own vain reasons.

I very much suspect that he spends very little of his idle moments thinking about the job. He has other interests that stimulate him far more than the job of PM. Thus when asked the question he very much is confronting it for the first time. Does anyone think PMSH would have had difficultly answering immediately in conscise to the point sentences had he been asked the same thing eight months prior to his first election?

JT is just not that into the job.

He really should get out. Now. Before he gets humiliated.

The attack ads write themselves.

What was really going through Justin's head:

...head over to 24 Sussex and kick that Harper kid out of my room.

...as Butts what I do now.

...have a seance and ask Papa what I do now.

...spark up a fatty and ask the Unicorn what I do now.

...phone up Obama and see if he can set up a meeting with GloZell.

...phone up Putin and ask him if his refrigerator is running. lol

...declare my birthday a national holiday.

In his mind the electorate 'owes him a mandate'...dictatorships and all that.

He just doesn't know what he would do with it!

LEADER... uh huh, yeah sure.

The man-child "True-Dope-ia 2.0" has disaster area written all over him.


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group 'True North'

My wife just quipped that he looked like a elementary school child in a spelling bee asked to spell chrysanthemum.

Guess he wasn't expecting such a hardball question..

The Conservatives would do well to air ads consisting of footage of Trudeau sighing like a bored rich housewife tired of having to make a selection from the a la carte menu items. He does it all the time.

Doesn't this tell us that he really can't envision himself as PM?

I'm certainly with him on that score.

I read the transcript because I can't stand listening to him.

Complete softball interview. Nothing of substance. No tough questions. No real follow-up questions to anything he said. The interviewer was probably a rabid Liberal himself; the question about the Paul Martin Building falling into disrepair was the real giveaway.

Hey he's 'Getting ready to lead" Just not quite there yet.

good one
-phone Ezra just to tease.
-make Mom special envoy to New York.
-start planning for a study to be struck to discover root causes.
-planning my celebratory apology tour where I blame Harper for everything.

Unintended juxtaposition of thread titles:

Oh, Shiny Pony!

Saving the World with a Bag of Hammers

Vacuous to the 10th power, the big sigh, the shoulder shrug, the grunty sounds.
But great hair!
He got that from Mom.

It reminds me of Stephane Dion's epic meltdown while trying to answer what he would do if he were PM. The media party claimed that it was unfair to hold use that againsy him because it was a "language issue". This pathetic response by Junior Trudeau proves that the inability to articulate what needs to be done as PM is not a language issue, but a Liberal issue.

William F. Buckley, Jr., once ran for mayor of New York City. A journalist asked him what he would do first if he won. Buckley replied, "Demand a recount."

Well how in heaven's name could he know what he would do - his handlers haven't told him. I mean that there are only so many lines the part time drama teacher can remember.

There isn't one Liberal leader head bobbing Ralphie Goodale hasn't browned his nose on. Ralphie is accusing the Harper Conservatives of "jiggery-pokery", it's a new favourite of his, sure to be picked up by the rest of the "team".

Best answer he's given in a long, long time.

"he looked like a elementary school child in a spelling bee asked to spell chrysanthemum"


"...there are only so many lines the part time drama teacher can remember. "

Yup. Besides, he's screwed without his Barney suit.

EBD, you know as well as I do that the "What are you going to do on your first day (first 100 days, etc.) is the question every candidate gets asked by just about every interviewer for decades. It speaks that JT either forgot his preparation of just believed he could ad lib his way though. What is clear is that he can't think on his feet.

IM, quite right, that was a softball interview, and this is what makes it particularly funny when Lib hacks are shrieking Tory partisan ambush. Fact is, ladies and gents, this Shiny Pony won't go.

I was being sarcastic, cgh, about Jr. being stumped by the softball-iest of softball questions.

yes, butt his mom forgot to shave:-))

"declare my birthday a national holiday"
Trudeau's birthday (Dec. 25) is already a national holiday.

A long pause before Trudeau's answering that question did not annoy me in the least. What I did find annoying is the constant shrugging of shoulders. I don't know how professional readers of body language would interpret it but I simply found it annoying.
Mind you, this explanation of the meaning of shrugging shoulders is interesting (from 3wdotcenter-for-nonverbal-studiesdotorg):
"The shoulder-shrug is a universal sign of resignation, uncertainty, and submissiveness. Shrug cues may modify, counteract, or contradict verbal remarks. With the statement, "Yes, I'm sure," e.g., a lifted shoulder suggests, "I'm not so sure." A shrug reveals misleading, ambiguous, or uncertain areas in dialogue and oral testimony, and thus may provide a probing point, i.e., an opportunity to examine an unverbalized belief or opinion."

Re: the "doctored video" and the "conspiracy", it's hilarious -- and telling -- that every single one of the outraged Trudeau supporters who accuse Stephen Taylor of altering the video couldn't be bothered to watch the source video before making the blatantly false accusation. It's only 9 minutes long. Too much Justin to endure?

What a bunch of sheeple. It's going to be interesting to see if they admit to their false accusations or if they just move on and pretend that they didn't make asses of themselves.

I hope people who have Twitter accounts make every single one of them "wear it" for a long time.

The guy has no personality in an interview,all he can do is just repeat the buzz words and phrases that have been hammered into his brain since the LPC decided the way back to power was through Trudeau.

"What would you do on you first full day as PM"? And he replies with the "reach out" bu**sh**!

(My reply," sit at the PM's desk and savor the moment,then call in Sir Humphrey and see what our priorities are".)

These softball interviews by the Liberal media run from fawning to sickening, with nary a serious moment.

I expect Trudeau la doo to be this blank but I think there are stupider people out there - like the brain-struck true believers who would suspect tampering with the video over the prospect La Doo is really this blank.

Yes you dewey-eyed Liblings, he really is this thick - THIS is what you call a leader, it really doesn't flatter liberal supporters intellect.

Not "Draws a blank"... Is a blank.

This response of doing the deer in the headlights when any liberal leader gets asked "what are you going to do your first day on the job," isn't a flaw in their thinking, it's a feature.
What stunned him was the realization that someone had asked him about working, at a job, with expectations.

"Wait, what? I'm actually expected to do something? I thought I just had to show up?"

The liberal entourage is in denial that they can't believe he's really as shallow as the conservatives demonstrate everytime they quote him doing this. In their mind he is supposed to be the reincarnation of PET living vicariously through Justin. To them the video had to be doctored Pierre...er...Justin can't be that vacuous while being interviewed by friendlies. Guess that interview with Lawton must have rattled him quite a bit....naw, he's like a dog chasing a car. Wouldn't know what to do with it if he caught it...just like Iggy, Dion, and Bucky Dither's.

Its like watching Leisuresuit Larry at the cougar bar trying score on ladies night.

Yes and another example is when people comment on news articles(they haven't read) solely based on the headline.

Taylor gives them more than one opportunity to look less idiotic, and they still persist on being ignorant.

At least Dion asked to have question repeated 'cuz he didn't understand.

I was aware of Justin's b-day...think John Lennon and his "We're bigger than Jeesuus" quote ;-)

nold: Ha!...Go shopping for new drapes with Sophie.

Somebody, quick, give him a teleprompter!

I'm not sure whether his answer to the first question was intended as a call-out to Islam (copying their thought process), but really? "I think the reality is that with 35 seats across the country, every region where we don’t have seats is going to be a battleground area." That which we don't control is where battle will occur. Combine that with his basic admiration for the Chinese dictatorship, and the sky's the limit.

This conspiracy theory stuff is fun. I should play with it more often.

Trudeau's birthday is a national holiday,and it's on December 25th?!

It's becoming quite clear THIS GUY IS THE MESSIAH WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR since the last time He was here!

Just because he isn't Lordly or Messianic doesn't mean he ISN'T the Second Coming.

"By his hair and teeth ye shall know Him".

That's a direct quote.


Harper's cat Cheddar got yer tongue?

That was hard to watch.
Buzzwords and platitudes.

This response to manufacturing in Windsor is particularly galling;

" focus on investing in education and training that’s going to draw in plants and corporations "

Not true, auto plants and those related to the the assembly line are looking for people that will show up everyday, and not think too much. I did it for four years at Chrysler. You are best to leave your brain in the glove compartment and put it back in at the end of the shift. If you think too much, you will quit. I did semi-skilled jobs, (a step below tradesmen) and that was mind-numbing.

The 'Paul Martin' building is just a building. It has no special significance. The building has had scaffolding around the three street facing sides since 2009 to protect pedestrians from the threat of falling stone(rs).
It used to be the main post office. It is an old piece of crap.

However, the Paul Martin mansion is great. The older Martin had a huge mansion just outside of the Willistead Park area. That may be worth saving, but not with tax dollars.

I thought Obomber was the one we have been waiting for.

It is funny how the twitters can not stand hearing the truth, and in this case hearing "Duh" accompanied by silence.

Catch him after a night of bong hits and if you said "Good Morning" to him he would be stuck for a response. Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb fits him to a "T"

Why the suit changes throughout the interview? Why would JT wear a brown suit, change to navy, then back to brown, navy, brown, navy, brown? The reporter wears the same outfit so it's the same day. Weird.

Yeah, but he turned out to be second rate, instead of walking on water, he wets himself while he sleeps.

He is clearly vapid and feckless....even Kinsella sounds like he has lost hope.
The couch/suit colour is a non-issue as it indeed could be caused just by the type and placing of lighting for some shots....not that libs would be above rigging an interview, just not this one as I see it.

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