Standing up Against Political Correctness


Brigitte Gabriel gives a young woman a little history lesson:



Snap! Snap! And snap! Thank you, Brigette!

Bravo Brigitte, a better lesson in PC you'll never hear. This should go viral.

Also might add this highlights how political correctness can take us down. Any bets anyone on a panel in Canada would answer this question beyond apologizing to the young Muslim woman? Something to think about...

I don't save much on my favorites bar, but this video is going there immediatley.

The breakdown of any agenda within an human construct follows the 10-15% rule. The extreme view can't obtain a majority & must resort to acts of fascism IN order to rule the other 90%

In America the 10% dysfunctional followers of Obama are lonely folks. That is why the tea party threatens their existence (if the Tea Party gains 10%) thereby creating a need to make a choice.

The political party that waits timidly for a majority of public opinion WILL fail

“Intelligence agencies estimate 150 – 300 MILLION radical Muslims in the world, dedicated to the destruction of the western civilization”.


However let’s also not forget the millions of “liberal” western enablers who aid the Muslims and anyone else who will help with the destruction of western civilization.

Political correctness is a thought/speech conformance pogrom from the early soviet era - it has no place in free societies under liberal democratic rule of law. The fact we do have it and it encumbers both individual and government ability to speak true facts tells us we no longer live in a free society - that freedom has been usurped by a radical minority - PC is just their weapon, we must look at the PC gate keepers to see the true danger to our nation.

There will (unfortunately) always be barbaric hordes - we need not accommodate them by allowing the traitors within our borders to import that barbarism here and then condemn anyone who calls this barbarism, barbaric. PC must be utterly destroyed (with reason and truth)for us to remain a cohesive nation - PC IS a nation destroyer as surely as the enemies at our gates are.

Not just dedicated to the destruction of western civilization but to all non muslims plus other musslim sects. How do you fight them? Get them to fight amongst themselves.Label them the followers of satan.

Occam >

“PC is just their weapon”

Absolutely, it is their psychological weapon, Islam is their biological weapon.

Thanks for outing her.
Amazing (not) how often a Muslim questioner is a plant and not genuine at all. "Saba Ahmed, the young Muslim woman from Beaverton who ran in the Democratic primary for Oregon’s 1st District congressional seat, says she has switched to the Republican Party." And this: "Saba Ahmed has garnered attention for being friends with Mohammed Osman Mohamud, the Portland Christmas Tree Bomber – so much so that she was removed from his court hearing when the judge charged her with contempt. She is also a 9-11 truther who believes that the Flight 93 crash in Shanksville, PA was staged."

This young woman proves again that Muslims cannot be trusted.

Thank God, and I say it reverently, for Brigitte Gabriel.

Cute rant but she missed a very valid point. The question was asked 'how do you counter an ideology'. The answer is obvious but no one wants to hear it or speak it.

'how do you counter an ideology'.

I say let the Carthaginians answer that one.
They had this plan to defeat Rome...

That was a refreshing to hear and see, maybe others will speak up now too.

Joe >

“The question was asked 'how do you counter an ideology'”

First you need to be assured that your government and the elitist powers-that-be are on your side of the problem.

Otherwise you may as well open your borders wide open, allow them and any other Third World indigent in, and stir a bunch of trouble up in their homelands – hey wait a minute?

In other words the question is purely rhetorical.

The academic-looking gentleman on the right looked more than a tad uncomfortable during the entire episode. Either he was not in total agreement with the verbal slapdown or he had to pee.

Sue, thanks for the link in your 9:50 post.

This was very interesting reading.

You obviously weren't familiar with him as he has been on many shows:
Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy, testifies during a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee July 24, 2013.

From the Washington Post and many other websites, this is the refrain:
"Panelist Frank Gaffney revived allegations that former Clinton aide Huma Abedin has “deep personal” ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and said she may have advocated for laws against “Sharia blasphemy.” Gaffney also said the president’s view that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” is “a statement you could have found on al-Qaeda’s Web site.”
But it was Gabriel, a Lebanese Christian by birth, who was most vitriolic when Ahmed asked her question. Gabriel dismissed as “irrelevant” the “2.3 million Arab Muslims living in the United States [when] it took 19 hijackers — 19 radicals — to bring America down.” She mocked Ahmed’s “point about peaceful, moderate Muslims” by making quotation marks with her fingers when she said the word peaceful.

The young woman responded calmly to the taunts of the panelists and the crowd. “As a peaceful American Muslim,” she told them, “I would like to think I’m not that irrelevant.”

See, the dhimmis will deny who this woman really is. She says she's peaceful, so she's peaceful.

Imagine how many bodyguards Brigitte would need to speak at one of our so-called "institutions of higher learning".

She makes her case very well. I'll have to remember her very powerful argument next time this comes up wherever. The peaceful majority becomes irrelevent. So obvious, and she gives many many examples to support her point.

Clear light of day. Magnifying glass. Focus. Dead ant. Brilliant.

Actually I have seen this before and still ponder how many "Shutzstaffel" were present, to have her able to deliver her answer without getting yelled down.

This gathering must have been convened in secret or strictly by invitation only.

The irrelevant majority usually allows non-PC speakers to be yelled down when they appear.....

WOW is all I can say for words cannot express how impressed I am. What a pleasant change from the crap we hear daily from our MSM and politicians at all levels of government.

Brigitte will never be invited to speak at any Canadian Universities and if she were she'd be shouted down. That's where we're at in Canada's halls of higher learning, the truth cannot be spoken. It's no surprise, it all started in kindergarten, the PC/socialist creep has been embedded, we sat back and let it roll.

This is her background:
Brigitte Gabriel (a.k.a. Nour Saman, born October 21, 1964), is an American journalist, author, social commentator and activist.[1][2] Gabriel says that Islam keeps countries backward,[3][4] and that it teaches terrorism.[5][6][7] To promote her views, she founded the American Congress For Truth and ACT! for America, a citizen action network that promotes "national security and the defense of American democratic values against the assault of Radical Islam."[8]

And this is to whom she speaks:
She frequently speaks at American conservative organizations such as The Heritage Foundation, Christians United for Israel, Evangelicals and Jewish groups. In her own words, she gives voice to "what many in America are thinking but afraid to say out loud, for fear of being labeled a racist, bigot, Islamophobic, or intolerant."

And the panel was sponsored by the Heritage Foundation (see the background) and they are:
The Heritage Foundation is an American conservative think tank based in Washington, D.C. Heritage's stated mission is to "formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense".

Both on Hannity after the panel discussion.
Religion of Peace? Moderates vs. Radicals in Islam

Yes is right. Very brief and very much to the point.

The radical Muslims are the peaceful ones.

You will remember her from the David Horowitz confrontation where she admitted she wanted all Jews in Israel, to kill them easier. This is no delicate Muslim flower, nut an agitator.A deadly one at that.

Her questions were:

"1. How can we fight an ideological war with weapons?

2. How can we end this war?

3. How can we win this thing if we don't do it ideologically?"

1. National Socialism, like radical violent Islam, was an ideology that was defeated with weapons.

2. The war was ended by killing more adherents of the radical ideology
than were able to kill the proponents of a free and democratic society.

3. Keep sending the radicals to Allah, as is their preference, with vigorous dispatch. It has the advantage of letting them know that if they wish to practice their faith, they will have to do it peacefully.


Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group “True North”

Has anyone ever defined a "moderate" Muslim or what variances it compares to?

Trust is imperative if we are to live together how can we trust if we can't really know what we're dealing with or refuse to even discuss the matter?

Are those two are the same person, Rev? One calls herself Saba Ahmed and the other is Jumanah Imad Albahri.

Unless she has a twin, or even is one of triplets, it is the same woman.
Look at the Hannity clip I posted. The hilarious part of that is she is arguing that it isn't necessary for Muslim women to wear hijab and mentions she is wearing a headscarf only. She must think the audience are idiots (and, of course, she does) because she has on her black hijab with a colourful shawl draped across it, covering it like a blanket. Ludicrous.

Yes, the questioner was correct, many Islamists don't agree with violence, but agree with the ideology itself, which states western society is decadent and harms Islam, and thus becomes an invitation to violent "jihad," with no checks on that in Islamist societies, but tacit approval which, ironically, harms far more Muslims than any other society.

So, Brigitte is right, their "peacefulness" is irrelevant, because their communities refuse to confront violent jihad, thus becoming complicit in it, to varying degrees. Why the refusal? Perhaps they are intimidated and feel powerless; or, perhaps it's because they agree with the underlying theme, that decadent, and free, western societies are a threat to Islam, so they "understand" why violent jihad exists.

That, too is irrelevant to the problem facing everyone in the ME and here where violent jihad is being imported. Like Brigitte said, political correctness belongs in the dustbin of history, not so much because it is antithetical to freedom, but because it is antithetical to peace.

Oh, and BTW, Brigitte Gabriel is my new hero!

How does one get this video clip to Michael Coren on Sun News for further distribution?

I was thinking E Levant

and yes shamrock, she is a hero, as she has put herself out there and could easily become a "target"

and as to those who question "moderate" (in any group), you need to take every person as an individual

Listen to both video's at the beginning ,both call themselves Saba Amed at the start.She opens with the word saleem which is peace not a name. Also listen to the cadence of both voices. Its up to your judgement, Besides she's well known as an Islamist agitator in the NW. Especially Oregon. She is back in school getting a PhD. She is older in this latest vid.

their "peacefulness" is irrelevant, because their communities refuse to confront violent jihad, thus becoming complicit in it, to varying degrees. Why the refusal? Perhaps they are intimidated and feel powerless; or, perhaps it's because they agree with the underlying theme, that decadent, and free, western societies are a threat to Islam, so they "understand" why violent jihad exists.

Exactly true.

Watch the Islamification of the American Rustbelt, the former industrial heartland, to see how it's done. Initial immigration forms enclaves for 'religious freedom', and once established they begin recruiting from the population of young angry thugs in the native population. Forming a cult of young black Muslims shouldn't be difficult. The cult becomes the means of exacting reprisals on anyone who opposes Islam. This is the method they've used around the world for centuries.

Americans are so anally fixated on communism, they'll never understand the Last Crusade till it's much too late to stop it.

Joe said: "The question was asked 'how do you counter an ideology'."

By fighting, obviously. With big f-ing guns.

Lefties love to say "violence doesn't solve anything", but you will notice that Lefties are the FIRST ones to use violence to get what they want.

Violence solves everything. Its just a sh1t way to go through life, is all. That's why civilized people use it as a last resort.

Its also been said, "violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." That was Isaac Asimov echoing Sun Tzu who said it first, a 'way long time ago.

The 300 million radical Mooselimbs mentioned in the video would last a week at most against the combined military might of the West. They are not much of an enemy.

The true enemy is the one that lives among us. Lefties and their destructive ideology.

Which we beat by fighting them instead of tolerating them, or arguing facts, or doing all the other crap we've been doing since the 1920's.

Brigitte Gabriel clearly had that diatribe all cued up and ready to unleash, and she ROCKS for it. That's the pattern of how to win against Lefties. Take it to them.

So this Saba Amed, or whatever she calls herself, hauls her fat arse around to wherever she thinks she can stir up some crap or get pandered to but she got more than she could handle with Brigitte.

We need to take note and give every one of these shit disturbers more of the same instead of cowering under the cloak of political correctness no matter how meek and peaceful they present to be, it's a cover for their covert actions, we trust at our peril.

Phantom I've said for years that the west is being attacked on two fronts. Progressivism and Islam. Unfortunately the west has let go of its intellectual/Spiritual underpinnings and thus lacks the clarity of vision and will to defend itself. The big guns in Iraq did nothing because we didn't fight the war to win it. Instead we decided to lose it even as we won it by putting Muslims back in charge. Kind of like beating Germany into submission and then putting the Nazis in power.

Joe said: "Kind of like beating Germany into submission and then putting the Nazis in power."

That's exactly what happened.

If you look at the Nazi policies from the 1930's on just about everything other than racial purity, it becomes apparent that the Nazis ARE in power. Obamacare is a mirror of the Nazi national health policy and Canadian medicare is like Hitler's dream fully realized. The US-EPA is the Nazi environmental policy on steroids, here in Ontario we've got windmills dropped on towns that don't want them and the OPP "visiting" anybody who objects too loudly. America now has its very own Gestapo, its called Department of Homeland Security and they even have their own tanks. Every single thing you say or do on-line is recorded in a way that makes the Gestapo look like the Keystone Kops. Even the East German Stazi are envious of the NSA.

Its been going on for a very long time. In the USA the 1968 Gun Control Act was a word for word translation of the Nazi gun control act of 1936. That's not a myth, that's a verified fact.

They've re-labeled themselves The Progressive Left, but its the same old National Socialism.

That's the problem. That's who we have to fight. Mooselimbs are a shiny thing to distract the rubes.

Why do you think Obama is letting Iraq go? So they can be a DISTRACTION, duh. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of illegals are being escorted into the USA where they will vote DemocRat in the next election. Some of them will vote DemocRat five or six times.

"...Has anyone ever defined a "moderate" Muslim or what variances it compares to?..."

Okay, I'll take a stab at that, Liz.

A moderate Muslim has all of the characteristics of a moderate (take your pick) Christian, Jew, Athiest, American, Canadian, Brit or Martian. In other words, they keep their eyes covered, their ears plugged, and their mouths shut.

I'll put that one in the category 'epic bitch-slapping factual reply'.

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