Those Moderate Muslims!



Charles Krauthammer - "What we are seeing on the screen is the meltdown, collapse of the Obama policy on the Muslim world..."


Well seeing a president Odumass isn't bright enough to figure it out let me explain it to him in language a five year old can understand. Petting a serpent doesn't make him your friend and continuing to pet the snake will simply result in you being snake bit. Guess what president Odumass you just got snake bit.

I highly doubt things would be different under most any other president. This problem goes deeper than Obama.

And calling Libya 'Al-qaedastan' is just a lie on Kraut's part.

Has Michelle approved of the KFC burning yet?

For years America spent a King's treasure trying to neutralize the Arab/Persian/Muslim world.

Who knew you could achieve the same results with so little cost or effort. The wogs just go all apoplectic over the silliest things and you don't even have to carpet bomb.

The Marine Corps should start a video production unit and just let them go to town.

Hmmm ... Maybe closing the Canadian Embassy in Tehran wasn't such a bad idea after all .....

The Pope is supposed to be in Lebanon from the 14th (today) to the 16th of September. Sounds like a recipe for major violence, beyond the 13 herbs and spices in the burnt out KFC.

It can never be proven, of course; however, I see hand of Iran behind the Egyptian and Libyan embassy stormings.

Now imagine if Harper had not pulled out of Iran: the US have no consulates in Iran, nor the British, but the Canadians - who have had the temeritiy to criticize Iran and have made it obvious that they support Israel - they would have been there. Useful hostages for a conveniently "angry" mob.

I'm sure Harper got wind of intelligence reports suggesting such a thing was possible. He acted and got our staff out of harms way and gave the Iranians the boot. Obama chose to do nothing; campaigning was more important to him. The rest, as they say, is history.

Ironically, and predictably, the Islamists have all but guaranteed that Romney will be the next President (barring some major gaffe). Far from celebrating the weakness of America, they'll find
that while Romney may not be a Reagan, he won't be the pushover that the Hindmost has been.

Lord of the Fleas
"Maybe closing the Canadian Embassy in Tehran wasn't such a bad idea after all ....."

You think that Canada maybe got the same intel as the US but made a deliberate effort not to do a human sacrifice of our diplomats.

What Obama policy? His 'leading from behind' isn't a policy, since it's similar to his behaviour as a minor Senator, where he did nothing other than vote 'present'. Leading from behind is actually just following the mob and repeating back what they say. Or, ignoring the mob.

Obama is, in my view, solely and directly responsible for the rise of Iran as a major threat to world peace.

Apparently the State Department was warned about the attack in Libya and didn't bother to inform its embassies.

Obama is a pathological narcissist; he lives, totally, in a virtual or fictional world of his own Words and authorship. He is unable to deal with the 'otherness' of reality because he can't control it.

He has one and only one tactic of interacting with the real world and that is to, personally, misinform and emotionally manipulate people so that he will feel he controls them.
That is why his response to what will he do about the ME, is 'let me talk with them'. No policy, no program, just 'talk' and in a moment, he'll have them swooning just as he has them during his campaign sing-a-longs.

That's all Obama is. A campaigner. He's done no work during his entire life. As editor of the Harvard Law Review he wrote no articles, did no editing. As Community Organizer, he just talked to 'his people' to urge them to 'go out and activate'. As senator, he voted 'present'. As ChairOtus, he's done nothing, leaving all policies, all programs, to others to develop.

Watch what he's done with the ME. Disastrous. He can't do anything as a policy because a policy is 'Other', it's not open to emotional manipulation.

Again, Obama's only means of doing anything is: personal interation of waves, grins, soaring rhetoric. That's all there is to him.

On and on, his inability to engage in any policy development and his ignorance of the ME, his ignorance of economics, his ignorance of history - means that his only mode of interaction is: personal. Do you like him? That's all there is to him.

The Bush Doctrine, on the other hand, was a monumental approach. It acknowledged history, economics, demographics and understood the ME situation as requiring a tectonic shift in basic operational infrastructure, and that the West should assist in this transformation, which would take decades.

What's Obama's plan? He just thinks if he 'talks with them', they'll be stunned by his charm and fall all over themselves to touch him, and, 'the oceans will cease to rise and peace will reign on the earth'. After all, that's what he told us. He told us. Words.

But instead of swooning over Him, heh, the ME has devolved into a predictable first result of the fall of an old infrastructure, which is a massive hive of competing OLD power sects, each fighting the other for power. This morass has enabled Iran to rise in power. How did this happen?

Obama ignored the freedom protests in Iran and supported the dictatorship, and has ignored Iran's nuclear bomb activities. This has strengthened Iran into being the most serious threat to freedom in a generation.

He ignored the revolution in Egypt until the last second, showing the people who wanted freedom that he wouldn't care who or what took over. He ignored Libya until the French and UK shamed him into a superficial participation. He's thrown Israel out on its own, thus embolding Iran, Iran, Iran.
He's ignored Syria, thus further embolding Iran.

This whole situation is due to and only to Obama and his refusal to, not merely lead, but his refusal to consider that the world turns, not because of His Smile, but for very basic and multiple other reasons which he won't acknowledge. Economics, population, identity groups who want power, old folk memories, and so on. None of which are acknowledged by Obama.

Quick, award Obama another Nobel Peace Prize! That should settle them down.

Ironically, and predictably, the Islamists have all but guaranteed that Romney will be the next President (barring some major gaffe).

I see no evidence of this. Romney is failing to get any traction whatsoever. He is going to lose. Prepare.

ET: You assume that Obama can control and shape the ME?
You are out of your mind.

My theory is that sexual frustration is the cause of the ME unrest. In the middle east people don't have sex as freely as in the west. This cause sexual frustration and it explode in some other form.

Fred R, I totally agree; Iran is behind all, I repeat, all, of these attacks.

It isn't against the US as much as it is to foment unrest and destabilize the ME so that Iran can move in.

First, Iran wants to destabilize Egypt. Egypt needs money, a lot of money; it can't live on its Suez tolls. Morsi is trying to get billions from the EU and the IMF, as well as the US. If Egypt erupts in unrest, that money isn't going to come, and the poorest in Egypt - who are the ones now in the streets - are going to be in serious economic trouble. They depend on government welfare and if Morsi can't control them, then the riots will be against him, and the radicals will take, not merely verbal, but political control.

In Libya, it's the same; if the new government is seen to be losing control, investment from foreign sources will dry up.

Meanwhile, Iran is also busy in Syria, destabilizing the situation, and effectively turning Assad into their puppet.

Israel is trapped in the middle, as Iran obtains its nuclear ability - and Obama ignores everything, everything. Because these situations aren't amenable to His Magic Words.

I blame Obama. Completely.

Iran is behind all, I repeat, all, of these attacks.

Proof? Iran could be working with Salafists but that would be odd. The Salafis don't like them at all.

The USA should have offered the Israelis Nebraska 60 years ago and this whole ME thing wouldn't mean squat.

ct "The USA should have offered the Israelis Nebraska 60 years ago"

They gave them New York - didn't work

This is why the Obama administration and their parrots in the MSM is constantly repeating (if you repeat it enough it's true) that these protests are about a movie. Ridiculous.

Hence, it's not my fault.


ct, the emergence of Islamic fascism predated the existence of Israel by at least a generation. I recommend L. Wright's book 'The Looming Tower' on the Al Qaeda history.

Islamic fascism is a result of the WW I and II industrialization of the ME, via Western technology and expertise, via the oil resource.

The region was a pre-industrial peasant local small town agricultural system, operating within a hereditary two-class political structure, and with NO middle class, no private small business economy.

The industrialism wealth didn't transform the infrastructure. It simply increased and urbanized the population into a permanent low class with no economic or political power, dependent on what became a massive statist redistribution economy d dependent on one state owned resource. Islamism emerged in this era in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a reaction to 'cleanse' this imbalance.

And then, the single resource became inadequate, and poverty became the norm; this increased the volition of Islamism, and the governments introduced fundamentalist Islam to keep the people repressed and, introduced the Evil Other to divert the focus.

This too has imploded, and we had the internal riots. Rather than assisting the slow and rocky transformation into a middle class democracy, Obama abandoned the Bush Doctrine and did nothing. This has enabled Iran, which has imperialist ambitions, to move into the vacuum.

Life is a comedy to he who thinks - we are seeing Barry and the Choom Gang at work - Choom Gang foreign policy!

It is to laugh!

On sun news they had a clip from CNN where they interviewed the brother of Al Quaeda's current leader Muhamed something or other they all have the same name. Anyway the egypt protest was about demanding the release of the blind sheik not the stupid movie.

Muslims angry...must be Friday

Wow. I can almost hear lefties heads exploding. Islamists burn down a KFC (an obvious :rolleyes: racial jab at Obama). How does a progressive defend the Islamists while also defending their own Messiah?

It's clear, entirely Bushes fault!

I see that Obama has had a telephonic chinwag with Egyptian President Morsi in which he reportedly told him that he needs to speak up against the anti-US violence.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood Praises Jihad Against the US On Twitter and its Official Website.

me no dhimmi, yes, but Morsi might belong to the MB, but not all Egyptians do. And Egypt needs money from the international world. A lot of money. From the EU, the IMF and the US. Allowing a state to devolve into chaos isn't going to attract that money or attract any investors.

Just like Layton with the NDP, it's easy to be Big Boss of a political party whose words remain in the seminar room, but, when you have to move out into the real world, that's a different world.

Morsi can't, economically, afford to allow Egypt to be handed over to the radicals, who are run by the extreme element of the MB and, and, by Iran.

Don't ignore Iran in this whole network. It, I maintain, is behind this whole scenario. The timing of the uprisings as September 11 is irrelevant and was just a handy niche. The same with that video, which I'd bet the majority have never seen and, since it's in English, have no idea what it says. A handy niche.

The real agenda it regional destabilization and the weakening of the new governments in the region. That enables Iran to move in and set up internal hostile networks to fight against these new governments.

I blame Obama, for rejecting the Bush Doctrine and for essentially, totally, turning his back on the region.

At this point, I would say it's even money that the crisis extends to domestic shores shortly, and that Obama will declare martial law and suspend the November elections.

I blame Obama. Completely.

Of course you do. You also thought Sarah Palin was a genius.
Remember her?

I blame Obama. Completely.

Of course you do. You also thought Sarah Palin was a genius.
Remember her?

ET: I like your little history lesson at 10:43.

BUT, I don't buy this "extreme element" in the MB.
The MB is extreme period. I like the phrase I encountered a while back to describe the MB in the West: Pre-Violent. In other words, extremely violent, but waiting for the right moment.

And while it's true that most Egyptians may not be fans of the MB, that's irrelevant.


Most Russians weren't peachy keen on Bolsheviks either, numbering only in the few thousands.

Further to the above...perhaps we now have some idea why DHS ordered so many rounds of ammunition.

At this point, I would say it's even money that the crisis extends to domestic shores shortly, and that Obama will declare martial law and suspend the November elections.
Posted by: john g at September 14, 2012 11:39 AM

This is not a hysterical theory. Definitely plausible.

john g:
See my point above about the MB being "pre-violent" in the West. Up to now, at least.

ah, phil, that's an ad hominem. Why not address the issue, namely, the riots in the ME? Well?

Oh, and I never use the word 'genius'. And I admire Palin; she's great. Now, try again but this time, no ad hominems; instead, how about an argument on the issue.

There is a movie? Not that I can find There is a trailer, with multiple copies floating around YouTube. Odd, YouTube is generally quite militant in taking down inflammatory content, yet this remains.

I am not about to accept the conclusion that the actions taking place in the ME are connected to this trailer at all. From where did that meme arrive? Our trusted "professional" journalists working in the MSM?

The whole thing stinks of misdirection, misinformation, and distraction. Kabuki theatre!

It is my belief that the story to keep one's eyes on is the announced endless stream of airdrops of funny money by Helicopter Ben. Quick, look out the window... there goes a giraffe!

Slightly OT. When the Turks ran the Arab Middle East from 1513/1517 to 1918 they hanged all the uppity Arabs they caught, and they ruled for four centuries without much difficulty.

me no dhimmi, yes, I agree with your 'pre-violent metaphor'. And with your vanguard concept.

That's my point; that's how Obama has failed the ME and the world. When one infrastructure collapses, there's a vacuum until a new one develops. I'm not talking about replacing one burned down hotel with another hotel. I'm talking about the whole infrastructure of how and why and where and what to build.

So, when a dictatorial two-class regime collapses, and what would be 'best' is a democratic three class system'..that doesn't mean that such a structure naturally arises from the ashes.

For that, you need help and careful, watchful guidance, just as the Founding Fathers didn't allow the new US to devolve into chaos but restrained it with a Constitution and rule of law.

What can emerge, if you don't take care, exactly as you prevent weeds from emerging in a cleared garden, is a repetition of the old or...a morass of different corrupt power blocs each fighting each other for power.

Obama's abandonment of the Bush Doctrine, which was meant to prevent this chaos...means that the sects of violent groups, each intent on their own power grabs, have emerged to destabilize the region.

This is happening in Egypt, in Libya, in Syria, in Iraq. The emerging 'democratic' governments aren't strong enough to maintain order and repress these different ethnic, religious, ideological etc groups, and their own hold over democracy is weak.

And Iran is not only assisting these different internal sects to destabilize the region, because its agenda is to destabilize, topple the new governments, and take over.

Q-dip @10:15

If your theory is true, then it behooves you to go to Libya or Egypt, and offer the mob an "outlet" for their frustration.

Ann Coulter has a good Bush/Obama Iraq/Libya comparison.

Solution - Tactical Nuke

phil, after 4 years of Obama, Palin does look like an absulute genius.

At this point, I would say it's even money that the crisis extends to domestic shores shortly, and that Obama will declare martial law and suspend the November elections.

Bah. What for? Obama knows he'll be re-elected. It isn't just that he has hordes of feral farm animals of various breeds ready to vote fifteen or twenty times on his behalf if they have to (though that doesn't hurt). At this point in time nobody in his right mind would want the poisoned chalice that is the presidency of the United States.

The crisis will come all right. Forget the Middle East---DC gets closer by the day to running out of other people's money, and when that day comes the only open question is whether Americans will celebrate a Romanian Christmas (with good Christian men finally showing up to riot in overwhelming numbers) or observe 9/11 Chilean-style (with wholesale mutiny by patriots in the armed forces, determined to do in the traitors before the traitors do in the United States).

Why would Mitt Romney want to be anywhere near DC when that happened? Even if he took office tomorrow, he couldn't do nearly enough to prevent catastrophe.

Obama will get his second term. The question is whether he'll end it like Ceausescu or Allende. Better him than Romney.

ah, phil, that's an ad hominem."

Not an ad hominem. Your analysis is simply not credible. You are so blinded by ideology that you can only see a technicolor world in black and white. Call it Obama Derangement Syndrome.

"Don't ignore Iran in this whole network. It, I maintain, is behind this whole scenario."

I absolutely agree with you,ET,and behind Iran is the hand of Vladimir Putin and the KGB agents he sent to Iran a couple of years back to help "organise" the Iranian Secret Service.

Ahmadinejad is simply not clever nor popular/trusted enough to organise a region-wide uprising of this magnitude.

But the former head of one of the world's most effective secret services, IS.

Et you barely know what the hell you are talking about. You want to put the whole blame on Iran trying to destabilize the ME. So why are rebel fighters being trained at bases in Turkey by CIA, MI6 and than sent into Syria? Iran may not be the only ones interested trying to cause disruption in the ME. Love him or hate him Qaddafi pretty well had Libya stabilized until AL-Qaeda with the help of Nato plane helped destabilized it and for what reason? Give one genius. Its unfortunate but perhaps we in the West should come to realize that brutal dictators are what keep those places stable. Talk to some people from the ME like I have and they will tell you. If the Arabs some day want to have their own Renaissance that they will have to do it on their own instead of us shoving down their throats.

dmorris, yes, I fully agree with your comment on the role of Russia and Putin in the ME.

So, how did Hillary Clinton's reset button with Russia go?
And what about Obama's telling the Russian PM that, after his reelection, he'd have more freedom. To do what?

And Obama's utter refusal to do a thing about Iran's nuclear bomb capacity, his refusal to support the Iranian demonstrators for freedom - what's that all about?

No, I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I just consider Obama, an eogistical narcissist, a totally ignorant and arrogant person who has allowed and enabled this disastrous world situation to develop. As well as his economic destruction of the US...

Phil:Hey stupid it's the Muslims and no one else that is to blame here. The Muslims just like to kill,they kill ppl they don't like they kill ppl they like, they kill ppl that are handy. That is the Muslim way.

shawn, gosh, maybe I do know what I'm talking about, OK? And maybe I have talked to a lot of people in the area; and maybe I have studied the hard facts of the history, economy and demographics of the area. OK?

I've explained above, which you probably haven't read, that it's an infrastructural change that took place, when the old economic and political system in the ME (tribal, two class, statist, one industry) collapsed and, what is going on now, is a vacuum or random phase.

This is a phase of chaos where a new more functional infrastructure hasn't developed and what exists is an open field for any random force to take power. Same thing happens in biology. The development of the new infrastructure of constitutional democracy was the agenda and role of the Bush Doctrine that Obama abandoned.

Because Obama abandoned this 'developmental phase', a vacuum chaos phase emerges, and various different adversarial groups emerge to fight and attempt to take power. The new governments haven't the strength to rebuff them, particularly when IRAN has moved in to supply, train and support various diverse groups.

So, it's both Iran, which has imperialist ambitions, and the refusal of Obama to follow through with the Bush Doctrine, that are causal of these events.

No, I strongly disagree with your support for the stability of military dictatorships. That's a false stability, for the reality of the collapsing underlying economic and demographic infrastructure couldn't be stopped by any military dictatorship. Eventually, a critical threshold is reached by this dysfunctionality and it will collapse. So- I reject your support for dictatorships.

Why KFC? The idiots just burned down a restaurant owned by one of their neighbors. Stupid frigging stone-age people.

But the former head of one of the world's most effective secret services, IS.

per wikipedia: "Putin finally resigned from the active state security services with the rank of Lieutenant colonel on 20 August 1991 ..."

Putin was never head of KGB.

Obamba won't do anything about the embassy attacks, but he's going to be doing friggen back flips over the KFC.

Ya'll Mo Fo’s messed with the wrong deep fryers.

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