Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan In ICU


May he be martyred to the great Satan "acute circulatory failure".

There is no link. This is an SDA exclusive.

Bumped for update: Looks like someone followed up on my tip.


How is you pull that off. Are you going to be the Canadian Drudge Report?

Stupid iPhone autocorrect... How did...

I guess the beard was a deal breaker.

Not many tears will flow for that guy

True Connection

There are thousands of SDA readers checking in every day. Every so often somebody has something good of their own. :)

I am sure you have taken down sites with links so it would be something if you get Drudged.

The beardectomy was a success but the patient died.

You'de almost think the guy was high strung or something...

I guess you could say this could be Major

Nice secret agenting Kate!

Lets all have a moment of respectful silence for poor Mr. Hasan... BWAHAHAAAA just kidding! Screw that guy.

Maybe they shaved his beard and then discovered it contained most of his brain cells.

"We haven't quite decided yet whether he committed suicide or died trying to escape."

He's not dead.

He's just restin'.

Pedantic joke: They thought they were doing a barbectomy (cutting out his beard) but misread the medical manual and accidentally did a barbarectomy instead (cutting out his inner barbarian). That turned out - not surprisingly - to be fatal, in fact there was almost nothing left of him.

Well gollee! How convenient. On the other hand the sumbitch needs to be dead, however that's achieved.

Well gollee! How convenient. On the other hand the sumbitch needs to be dead, however that's achieved.

It's the Mossad who done it. I tells you!

He's just pining for the fjords.

Don't attribute this to conspiracies - Hasan is paralyzed from the chest down. He's not a healthy dude.

If he does drop dead in the ICU, it'll probably be blamed on the student nurse who accidentally added a couple of zeros to the dose of KCl given iv. (Great way of causing cardiac activity to slow down terminally). And that could be said with a perfectly straight face given current educational standards.

Hit the post button way to fast. Another question is whether his "acute circulatory failure" was a a result of markedly reduced blood volume secondary to a traumatic leak; ie either a knife wound to a major blood vessel, being gored by an angry boar or a bullet wound.

Keep the SOB alive so he can be executed!!!

I sure hope this "news" is true/real, but it's nowhere to be found on Drudge, Fox, or Google News, etc. ... it's only here.

If ever a guy deserved to go out screaming all the way to hell it's Hasan.

Palestinian Blue. Beautiful plumage.

Norwegian Blue.
Beautiful plummage.

I know exactly what happened here. His death was a result of "work-place violence".

@andycanuck - you beat me, i shoulda refreshed before posting

May his soul rot in hell alongside that of Pee-air Idiot Turdeau.A fitting end for both of them.

Posted by: Kate at September 23, 2012 11:10 PM

Wake up Polly

Now that's what I call a dead Parrot.

"Paralyzed from the chest down"? Not really sure what to root for here. I guess it depends on whether he's happy.

"Allahu Akbar!"

It's the new cry for help.

"mark of Nidle Hassan is zero because he was doctor and should not kill his patient."

I believe it's normally discouraged, new, but in this case he yelled "Allahu Akbar" first, so that makes it okay.

What are you saying here, Kate? Are you saying Nidal is "dead" Ceased to be, "a former self" slipped the surley bonds" ???

Oh, she's very quick, isn't she? And with a network of spies.

No, the post speaks for itself. Reportedly, he's in intensive care.

O, cruel fate! 72 virgins waiting, and Hassan paralyzed from the waist down.

you beat me, i shoulda refreshed before posting
;^) A nod's as good as wink to a blind man if you know what I mean.

The major, piss be upon him, has been stiff ever since the police ventilated him (Note to Officer Todd: spend more time at the range). Maybe Obama can cheer up Hasan with a shout out.
Here's hoping Kate is right and Satan has a new playtoy before too many more days have passed.

I guess America won't have to wet its pants risking putting Islam on trial for a very indefinite future.

Well it seems we shall have to settle for the blessing this piece of garbage has been "paralyzed from the waist down" since the ain't enough but it'll have to do...

Deis Wult....

Yeah you've got to be careful when cutting a man's beard off against his will. :)

Good news Kate, although I'd be better to see him face actual courtroom justice.

Nice insider news tip!

"Paralyzed from the chest down"? Not really sure what to root for here. I guess it depends on whether he's happy.

Posted by: Black Mamba at September 23, 2012 11:55 PM

Maybe it's that new study that says penises shrink? Without adequate blood supply? Or is that CO2?

Oh. And Dan.The iphone ain't stupid.

Bury him with a dead hog.. or conversely, toss his remains into the scrub brush country, and let feral hogs eat it.

Here's hoping the military brass that greased the skids for Hassan suffer a similar fate. Without their help he would have been just another nutjob given a section 8 discharge.

I was hoping he'd die from acute lead poisoning.

Just wait till "the street" hears he was poisoned by the jooooos....

Gee, there I go again, inciting things.

Black Mamba said: ""Paralyzed from the chest down"? Not really sure what to root for here. I guess it depends on whether he's happy."

Root for long life. Consider this:

Paralyzed from the thorax means it takes two people just to change his underwear. He probably can't even hitch himself up in the wheelchair, takes two people hauling him up under the arms. He is not among friends...

Then there's the pressure sores... phantom pains... the -itching-... frequent sphincter failure... spasticity... and all he's got to look forward to is a slam-dunk court case with death row on the far side.

That ain't daylight at the end of that there tunnel, Nidal baby. Not a train either. That's a ten thousand horsepower rotary snow-blower pushed by three engines going seventy miles per hour.

Added bonus, every day this pr1ck is alive it makes the US Army leadership look like the sorry bunch of w@nkers that they are.

Great shooting Officer Todd! Not what she was going for I'm sure, but still...

The news is finally leaking into the mainstream press:

For now, they know no more than we do. By way of commentary though:

Hasan, charged with killing 13 people and wounding 32 others in a shooting spree nearly three years ago at Fort Hood, has been described by a former attorney, Col. John Galligan, as being in poor health.

Galligan long has complained about the quality of Hasan's medical care, saying he was not being treated properly at the jail...

Has he now? I think most here on SDA would agree on what "proper treatment" of Hasan would have been. There's only one way to fix a traitor.

The treatment should have been applied on the day the malady displayed itself in 2009, but if this provides decent enough cover, as Loki suggested, I'll settle for a big needle full of sodium thiopenthal administered by a patriotic Christian lady among the nursing staff.

Whenever you're ready, miss.

Kate "Scoop" McMillan! Now where are all those journos that claim citizen bloggers will never replace the MSM again?

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