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  1. I hope the Democratic party keeps up their self-distruction act.
    Playing the race and the sex card has discredited both Obama and Hillary.
    John is looking more and more to be the safe bet.

  2. Blacks have learned the liberal ways well, it’s not my fault, I didn’t do it, point fingers, look for excuses and it’s worth a whooooole lot of government money to play the victim.

  3. I feel sorry for Her. It must be a shock to run into the Race Hucksters & than know your now the target of there bile that is now directed at yourself.
    I see anti Semitiusm gives no sign of dying, but than what mental illness does?

  4. Just take a hike over to some of the local left wing websites if you are looking to see whether Anti-Semitism is alive and well. You don’t need to go all the way to Southern Churches to find it.
    Check out Liberals and NDP marching in solidarity with Middle Eastern parties that pledge total destruction to all Jews and then tell me that they’re not anti-semitic.
    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it’s a bloody duck.

  5. “My people”. This is something that separates people. If a person wants to use this, then he must be prepared for the criticisms that come from others that may see some of the negatives, real or imagined of “his people”.
    An attack on “his people”, is now perceived as an attack on him as well. Doesn’t matter if it’s accurate or not, it must be defended.
    These are the very dynamics that are set up when people think in terms of “my people”. Whether it’s blacks, Jewish or any other group, it’s essentially elitist. We are individuals and responsible for only our own actions. How can it be otherwise? I can’t be responsible for what my brother does. If he’s wrong, must I defend his actions because he is my brother?
    We should have the courage to look at what is going on in our communities and in the world without the fear of being called a racist because we have identified organized oppression by groups that identify by race or creed against others, and then are quick to cry racism because we’ve exposed something that they either don’t want to see themselves, or are actively covering up. We need to be able to look at the negative actions of any people and assess accurately what is going on. Being Jewish, or black, or any other “people” should not entitle one to a license to escape appropriate scrutiny and to a defense of shouting racism at those who believe they see wrongs being committed. One group does not deserve a different standard to be judged by than another. We should strive for accuracy in assessing the circumstances regardless of race and creed. While it may be natural to identify with one group or another, I think we should strive to fight this tendency, or at least understand how it necessarily results in bias.
    By the way, your blog title “Small, dead animals” seems to demonstrate a lack of compassion. Perhaps it is the strong who would kill small creatures that you identify with. Hopefully, I’ve got that wrong.

  6. Lets see now, in one corner we have the average Ashkenazi Jew with an IQ of 115 and in the other corner the average American black with an IQ of 85. Once the intellectual competition begins in a modern industrial society, guess who feels that they’re the victims of discrimination.

  7. Very disturbing, but not really surprising. Welcome to the face of fascism. What do Ahenakew, Rev. Wright and Rev. Lee and Hitler have in common? At first glance one might say the race card, but that would leave Hitler out. Think “socialist” and you might be closer.

  8. Marc Bilz, I checked out your blog and this is your masthead.
    “Harper is a Bush Puppet
    Canadians and Americans have a responsibility to remove from power, and to keep from positions of authority those who support corporate fascism. We must reject their globalist agenda that values money and power above human life. This blog is dedicated to exposing two such groups: the Bush regime, and its Canadian clone, the Steven Harper government.” And that’s as far as I got.
    I was going to argue the points of your post, but what would be the point. None of it would filter through your tinfoil hat.

  9. Christopher Hitchens had an excellent article in the National Post yesterday regarding the Obama campaign’s fellow travellers and the race-baiting into which the Democratic Party of the US has sunk with the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson et al.

  10. Christopher Hitchens had an excellent article in the National Post yesterday regarding the Obama campaign’s fellow travellers and the race-baiting into which the Democratic Party of the US has sunk with the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson et al.

  11. Rev. Lee — no hate there. As a SDA blogger once succinctly quoted: “hate whitey blame whitey.” That must also apply to the joooooossss.
    Largs — None of it would filter through your tinfoil hat.
    I took off my tinfoil hat and clearly understand you. It’s called “mental illness.”

  12. Well I was hinting at that Orlin but was too polite to say so. We can agree then, liberalism is a mental illness.

  13. The easiest way off the bottom is not to pull yourself up, it’s to push someone else down. Unfortunately, it’s also the most dishonest at best a temporary fix.

  14. Largs, Orlin, Liberalism is -not- a mental illness.
    Its the rapacious, cynical pursuit of power by any and all means by people with the moral values of rabid weasels. If they think preaching Joooo hate will get them where they want to go, that’s what they’ll do.
    Obama is quite happy to chuck the Jews under the bus, if it means he can solidify the Black vote.
    I’d say that if McCain has half a brain, that video is the core of his election effort should Obama win the DemocRat nomination. He needs to drag that stuff out under a spotlight, point at it and yell “WTF is THIS Mr. Obama?!!!”
    Hillary clearly lacks even half a brain, or she’d be on this like ugly on a wart hog. Or like, dare I say it, white on rice.

  15. Marc Bilz and his kind operate under the false assumption that “I exist therefore I am worthy of respect”. In the culture I grew up in existance was a given respect was earned. I earned respect by hard work. I earned respect by taking care of my spouse and children. I earned respect by looking after my aging parents. I earned respect by helping those less fortunate.
    If I did none of the above then I was not worthy of respect and my very existance was mocked because I was squandering what had been given.
    I don’t hate people because of their colour or creed or sexual preferences. Each is an individual and to those who earn it I give my respect.

  16. Largs, Orlin, I must refine my comment above. I just cruised Marc Bilz’s blog, and that is one disturbed dude. “Bear Sterns was a planned deal.” “9/11, Canadian Action Party questioning the official story.”
    This isn’t just tinfoil hat, we’re talking full-on tinfoil suit here. With matching umbrella.
    Having the effrontery to comment on Kate’s gopher is the cherry on top. “…seems to demonstrate a lack of compassion.” forsooth. Yeah Marc, vermin need love too. You have a fulfilling spiritual bond with your kitchen roaches, eh?
    Sill, barring Mr. Bilz and his obvious cranial malfunction, I maintain that Liberals (and the NDP, and the Bloc Q, and the Pink Conservative Party) are not crazy. They only appear crazy if one assumes they are serious about the things they say and the policy they push.
    However if you think of them as used car salesmen, their behavior makes perfect sense. No lie is too heinous, no policy is too destructive if it gets them what they want.
    Hence this willingness in the DemocRat Party to embrace anti-Semitic black preachers (and of course here at home with the Liberals and their Jew hatin’ pet Imams). I hesitate to call these preachers Christians, because a lot of the sh1te they preach has nothing to do with Christianity.
    Some of these inner city “churches” have very odd ideas. Once upon a time in Mt. Vernon NY I had a particularly devout black lady co-worker tell me she wouldn’t pray for anybody who didn’t go to church. Doesn’t sound like much, but you start thinking about it, that’s a majorly non-Christian attitude.
    Not a far stretch to the Rev. Wright from there.

  17. Insulated white liberal utopian confronted by “oppressed minority” racism/bigotry and has a intellectual catharsis…good…hope she learned there are bigots and sundry other assorted A-holes in all races colors and creeds…bigotry is a equal opportunity orthodoxy.

  18. “Many of the people in the room followed me out.”
    So, on the bright side, not everyone there was dead to all morality. At least that’s something.

  19. A democrat gets a clue: do all dems. require a black man staring them in the eye and telling them personally that they hate them, to get it.?
    She should have ” airwalk windmill jammed “that award into the nearest trash can for all to see, before she left
    She’ll still vote democrat anyway, racism is just not her cup of tea, so she’ll have to settle for racism’s kissing cousin, feminism

  20. When I see and read about incidents like this, where the victims try and place the blame on the Judean/Christian Western society, I fear we are on a long slide down into Purgatory. However I also read and hear about others in the black community that raise my hopes. Why don’t we hear more from Bill Cosby? Mainly because he’s telling it like it is and the victims and their Liberal supporters don’t like what they hear. I hope the link works.

  21. By the way, your blog title “Small, dead animals” seems to demonstrate a lack of compassion. Perhaps it is the strong who would kill small creatures that you identify with. Hopefully, I’ve got that wrong.
    Marc Bilz:
    Yes, you have got that wrong. You’re obviously confusing Kate with that popular German blog “Sinnlos Ermordete Karpfen.”*
    * Senselessly Murdered Carp

  22. The TRUE party of bigotry and hatred in America is and has been for the last several decades the Democratic Party. David Duke was ran out of the Republican Party for spewing this sewage of hate, yet the Democratic Party is silent from Barack Hussein Obama on down. Disgusting.

  23. Yes, that clears it up Kate. Thanks. I now know where you’re coming from and your fans as well. I’ll be on my way now. Enjoy yourselves. Heil Harper.

  24. I’m sorry, that last line was out of line I realized after I sent it, but I really think some of you have some issues with power, and Kate, you flaunt it with your choice of name for your blog. You think that’s funny? Have you heard the connection that was made between sociopaths and those who were cruel to animals when they were children? Well that’s what that image reminds me of. I can’t relate to people that get off on that sort of thing. “I’m a bully and I love it!” So your proud of the fact that some of you choose not to have compassion and further are so smug in your right wing “I’ve got it all figured out and anyone with a different view is a whacko” Yes, yes, I’m leaving. I just hope you are the types that will put your money where your mouth is, and go and fight your war in Afghanistan or wherever the next one is rather than trying to send me or someone I care about. And by the frickin way, 9/11 was an inside job regardless of what Bush, Cheney and Popular Mechanics or you say. The evidence is there for anyone that cares to look. But you won’t. It’s easier to relate to the tough guys that drop the bombs on the civilians and leave them as “roadkill”. I can see you people are not stupid. But why not wake up?

  25. “And by the frickin way, 9/11 was an inside job regardless of what Bush, Cheney and Popular Mechanics or you say. The evidence is there for anyone that cares to look.”
    I think that comment should serve to nicely punctuate why we can ignore Mr Bilz.
    Presumably he is now busily assisting OJ in his search for Ron and Nicole’s real killers…

  26. To Marc Bilz,
    And then there are those divisive creatures, such as myself, who think in terms of “my species”. As far as little dead animals are concerned, try this. Drink almost a whole bottle of red wine. Leave the bottle, with a little wine left, on its side. Watch cockroaches by the hundreds go in, and die.

  27. Or, how about this one: Get a couple of buildings, let a bunch of humans crawl in, blow them up, then blame someone else, so you can go blow them up too. Then drink a couple of bottles of the finest red wine and finish every last drop for yourself (no need to share them with your cockroaches at all) in celebration of your cunning and deceit.