Oh, That Conservative Hating Media

Tonight’s top stories on CTV National News:

9. Rosie O’Donnell marriage
8. Howard Stern / Clear Channel story
7. Canadian boy scout leader caught with kiddie porn
6. Man arrested for killing air traffic controller in Europe
5. Blair spy story [ed – Claire Short’s allegations reported as fact]
4. Crisis In Haiti
3. ´┐ŻU.S. judge blocks Conrad Black’s newspaper sale
2. Fraud and illegal trading at CIBC, Canada’s second largest bank.
And… Canada’s number one news story for Feb.26, 2004?
A month old misdirected letter.
1. Stephen Harper, a candidate for the the bigotted, stupid, redneck, rightwing Reform Conservative Party leadership, issued an apology for an error in which a letter intended for the Canadian Indian community was sent to an (Aboriginal) Indian Friendship Center.

Read the item. They certainly don’t waste an opportunity to pile on, do they?

2 Replies to “Oh, That Conservative Hating Media”

  1. We obviously lack in the ‘made it in the news’ category. As for the Native news piece, I’m sure the media is just playing it’s part in making this into more than it is. I think the Native’s had a right to be upset, especially if they never get the same recognition as the Eastern ones do. However, they said their piece so the media should let it die. Even if it was an admin problem, I would hope they knew the difference between an Eastern and Native Indian.

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